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Sunday, 22 April 2012 12:48

Terms of reservation and lending the water tubes:


  1. The relationship between the client and the soul of rent is governed by the Commercial Code.
  2. The client is obliged to use the equipment only for the purpose for which it is addressed and that the usual way and treat it gently to prevent the equipment damage and excessive wear. Equipment under the contract is designed for water sports and should be especially protected against damage by heat. Inflatable Tube (the "vessel") must be protected from overheating due to solar radiation, air early abandonment of the vessel. The use of life-vest as a pad to sit on.
  3. The client is obliged to return the equipment within the agreed time and the same things that have been lent, not the other things the same species.
  4. The right use of the equipment expires after the period for which the contract was negotiated. After its demise, the client must return the borrowed equipment.
  5. Equipment may only use the client and persons designated by him. In case of damage to equipment by a person entrusted by the client software, client alone is responsible and agrees to pay the costs of repair equipment.
  6. In the event of equipment theft, the client must immediately report the incident to the Czech Police and submit the theft notification protocol.
  7. In the event of failure to return equipment for any reason or in case of damage to equipment, the client is obliged to pay damages according to the price list of equipment within 20 days after the contract expires.
  8. In the late return of equipment shall be agreed between the parties to a fine of twice the one-day rental for each calendar day of delay up to his return.
  9. The Client undertakes to return the equipment provided on time and place, which was agreed in the contract.
  10. The representative of the rental is required to wait at the starting point or at the end of trip up to 15 min. from the agreed period. Failure to comply with the agreed time or the starting point or end of the trip, the client shall pay the rental cost of new transportation price list.
  11. The client is not liable for normal wear borrowed equipment, which is caused by the normal operation of the navigation.
  12. Provide the client with a replacement rental equipment including free shipping if the malfunction was due to rental of tubes.
  13. The client borrows all the equipment at their own risk. The rental is not responsible for  injury, property the client or third parties caused in connection with the use of borrowed material.
  14. Client signature confirms that he was acquainted with the technical condition of the vessel, have been trained on safety of navigation on the river and is aware of the risks arising from the reckless use of the vessel.

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